What Colors Make Pink?

What Colors Make Pink?

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One of the most feminine colors to exist, pink has its fan following. For generations, this has been the color of women’s rights movements across the globe.

From the moment a girl child is born, the family welcomes her with almost all her possessions in shades of pink.

That is indeed the color that celebrates the spirit of womanhood. The usage of pink extends to beyond that of feminine clothing and goes all the way to flowers, cake, and food decorations.

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This article tells you all that you need to know about the colors. That makes pink, its significance and the color codes of its different shades.

What Colors Make Pink? Pink is a color that we find very commonly in nature. Now, it is interesting to note that the colors that make up the naturally occurring pink are very different from the ones for human-made pink. For the natural pink, it is a combination of red and violet.

Other than that, there are multiple human-made ways by which one can arrive at the color pink.

One can form this color by mixing red with white color. Under certain conditions, you may need to incorporate some other shades to lighten or darken your hue of pink and thereby arrive at the exact shade that you wanted.

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The color pink is used to display the sweet and childish side of the fiery red. That is the reason why people dress up little girls are in robes that are in shades of pink.

In fact, in places where we would want to demonstrate the female sex without the use of words or symbols, the color pink would usually suffice (in contrast to the color blue for men). In the broader sense of the world, this color represents affection and approachability.

It is the color of inner harmony. When used with white, it represents universal harmony and brotherhood. In many cultures, the color pink is symbolic of lifelong friendships.

This color is also a preferred choice in the icing of cakes, ice creams, and other decorative food items because of the elegance associated with the color.


The process of arriving at the color pink is more straightforward than that of most other colors. All you need to do is to have the colors of red and white handy and follow any one of the following steps, depending on the type of paint that you are using

  1. If you are using acrylic or oil paint, you may want to squeeze out the right quantity of the color on the paper, canvas or mixing board that you are using. Add a small amount of pink and mix well with a knife. Understand that the lighter is the shade of pink that you are looking for, the more the amount of white paint you will need.
  2. Looking for a shade of pink that’s closer to peach or salmon, you may want to add a couple of drops of yellow to it.
  3. Using watercolors to arrive at pink, make sure that you add red to white color and not vice versa. If you would want a fuschia or magenta pink, add a small amount of blue or violet to it.
  4. For dyeing with food coloring, take three fourth quantity of the white substance (which may be glue, hair conditioner or frosting). As red food coloring is pretty strong, add only a drop of it to the white and mix well. If you need to make the shade of pink darker, make sure that you add the white drop by drop (and mix each drop well before adding the next fall).


The process of using the color pink with that of other colors is an exciting one. That is because of the complementary shade that you will choose will decide what the overall mood is.

If you are aiming for something calming and soothing, you want to combine subtle grey with light pink. For a fun and fresh look, orange and rose pink never goes out of style.

If you want a unique look, one which highlights on prettiness and moderns, teal can be teamed with salmon pink.

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For older women whose purpose is to remain understated and sophisticated, burgundy is good choices when worn with a dusty shade of pink.

Younger professionals who want to exhibit their confidence at work while sticking to their feminine elegance, the combination of pink and black never fails.


The most common shades of pink will be salmon pink, light pink, hot pink, deep pink and pale violet red. Their hex codes will be #FFC0CB, #FFB6C1, FF69B4, #FF1493 and #DB7093.

If we consider the same in decimal code, the values will be RGB (225, 192, 203), RGB (255, 182, 193), RGB (255, 105, 180), RGB (255, 20, 147) and RGB (219, 112, 147) respectively.


What color will you get when you mix pink and yellow?

Yellow is one of the primary colors whereas we get pink when we mix red and white in appropriate proportions.

Now, the combination of red and yellow is a classic one, and it results in orange. Thus, logically, the combination of red, white and yellow (or pink and yellow as you might say) will give a shade of orange that is lighter in hue.

However, from a practical perspective, it is seen that the resultant tone depends on several factors like the proportion of pink and yellow used, the percentage of white and red used in the making of the pink that is being used and so on.

What happens when you mix purple and pink?

When we mix purple and pink colors, we usually get a light plum color. In some cases, you may also get burgundy.

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The variation in the shade obtained depends on the amount of pink and purple used in the mixture.

Now, in the case of both pink and purple, red is the base color. That is why it was evident that the resultant color will also be a shade of red itself. The combination of pink and purple he is often used in the making of dyes.

As shades of pink, how are mauve and teal different?

Other than the fact that these colors appear different to the eyes of the onlooker, the significant difference between these two colors lies if different colors go into their preparation.

For the shade of teal, one would take nine parts of sky blue and blend it with a small piece of lemon yellow. Upon proper mixing with a knife or a brush, we will get the soothing teal color.

If you want to prepare mauve, you will have to take five parts of rose pink and mix it well with two pieces of orange.

To that well-mixed color, you will add two equal parts of red and black each and mix well. The resultant color will be mauve.

What does pink and blue make?

The resultant color that you will get out of pink and blue will depend on the shades of pink and blue that you start with.

If you begin with violet shades of blue, like the ultramarine blue and team that with darker shades of pink (such as pop pink or magenta), you will result in violet.

Understand that, the color pink itself is mainly red and a little bit of white. Thus the combination of pink and blue is a combination of red and blue with a little bit of white.

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Red and blue are known to give us purple. The presence of white ensures that the shade of purple that we arrive at is not a very dark shade.

Does the color purple go well with pink?

Although the colors pink and purple are very close to each other in the palette, there are multiple ways in which you can team them up efficiently.

You can start by keeping one of the colors in bright shades and the other low. The combination of hot pink with lavender is an example of this.

Alternatively, you may choose to keep both the colors muted. Baby pink with a light purple look perfect on regular wear clothing. That will enable us to create a sober and romantic look and is the most appropriate for day wear.        


The color pink goes well with a host of other colors. As seen above, the dominant presence of red in this shade makes it capable of being mixing with a host of other colors and giving us different shades.

The fact that the color pink can be teamed with so many different colors to give out different vibes is something that makes it stand apart from that of most other colors.

Indeed, there is a lot more that one can do with the color pink, and we expect that experts will explore more such options in the coming years.

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