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What Colors Make Bronze?

What Colors Make Bronze?

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Let’s start with What Colors Make Bronze? Bronze is a metallic brown color that looks like the actual alloy bronze. It is almost similar to copper hence commonly mistaken. Bronze has a brown color that is rather darker than that of copper. It can have different hues depending on its constituent alloys.

What Colors Make Bronze?

Bronze is a metallic brown color that looks like the actual alloy bronze. In a RGB color space, hex #cd7f32 (also known as Bronze) is composed of 80.4% red, 49.8% green and 19.6% blue.

Whereas in a CMYK color space, it is 0% cyan, 38% magenta, 75.6% yellow, and 19.6% black.

What color makes bronze? To make bronze color easily you need to mix colors brown, white and red one after one. Make sure when mixing you need more care about the amount which are explained details bellow.

Step to mix paint to get bronze:

If you need a bronze skin tone when painting a portrait, you need to know precisely how to mix up bronze paint.

Although you can purchase actual bronze or skin tone paint from most arts and craft stores, you may wish to mix paint yourself to come up with the bronze color.

By incorporating the paint yourself, you can create your skin tone to match the color you are going for perfectly.

Required items to make color bronze:

  1. Paintbrush
  2. Brown paint
  3. White paint
  4. Red paint
  5. Mixing tray
  6. Water
  7. Rag

01. Step One:

Apply a large amount of white paint in a container. It is essential to start with a lighter color. It takes a small amount of brown to change the entire consistency of the color.

02. Step Two:

Rinse the white paint in a glass of water, dry off the paintbrush in a rag, and dip the brush into brown paint. Mix a brush-worth of brown paint into the white and see how dark the paint becomes. Repeat the process with small amounts of brown at a time until you reach a suitable bronze.

03. Step Three:

Add a touch of red paint. It adds a little life to the bronze hue. If you are making a skin tone, you will notice most skin has some color in it, whether it be a slight red, yellow, or even green. Apply just a small brush-worth into the bronze paint. Overdoing it can ruin the entire bronze color.

04. Step Four:

Thoroughly mix up the paint before using it. If you don’t, you end up with pockets of brown or white paint that do not evenly match the overall color of the paint.

Types of Bronze:

There are approximately four types of bronze currently uses like Alpha, Commercial, Bismuth, and Plastic.

Alpha bronze is of the robust alpha solution of tin in copper. Its alloys of 4–5% tin are used to make coins, springs,&  turbines.

Commercial bronze (10%zinc and 90% copper) and architectural bronze (57% copper, 3% lead, 40% zinc) are more appropriately regarded as brass alloys because they contain zinc as the primary alloying ingredient used in architectural applications.

Bismuth bronze is an alloy with a composition of 52% copper, 30% nickel, 12% zinc, 5% lead, and 1% bismuth. It can hold a good polish and is so used in light reflectors.

Plastic bronze is bronze having a significant quantity of lead, which makes for improved elasticity possibly used by the Greeks in their ship construction.

Uses of bronze:

Bronze, or bronze-like alloys, were used for coins over a more extended period. It was especially for use in boat and ship fittings before the extensive use of stainless steel owing to its toughness and resistance to saltwater corrosion. The metal bronze makes ship propellers and submerged bearings.

Silicon was the primary alloying element. It created an alloy with extensive use in industry and the primary form used in contemporary sculpture. Sculptors may prefer silicon bronze due to the ready availability of silicon bronze brazing rod, which allows color-matched repair of defects in castings.

Aluminum is for the structural metal aluminum bronze used for casting bronze sculptures. Many bronze alloys have the unique property of expanding just before they set, thus filling in the most delicate details of a mold. Bronze parts are tough and used for bearings, clips, electrical connectors, and springs.

Other Uses:

Bronze has very low friction against dissimilar metals, making it essential for cannons where iron cannonballs would stick in the barrel. It is still widely used today for bearings, bushings, automobile transmission pilot bearings, and similar fittings. It is mainly in the bearings of small electric motors. Phosphor bronze is suited to precision-grade bearings and springs. It is for guitars and piano strings.

Phosphor bronze is for ships’ propellers, musical instruments, and electrical contacts. Bearings are of bronze due to their friction properties. Bronze can be filled with oil to make Oilite and similar material for bearings. Aluminum bronze is sturdy and wear-resistant and is for bearings and machine tool ways.

Meaning of bronze:

Bronze refers to a copper alloy that contains metallic elements such as tin. Since this is an earth element, bronze color can be associated with nature such as humility. It has a strength that can indicate stability and sturdiness. If you have this type of personality will often provide excellent support to the people around them.

Bronze can be a symbolism of a place where we stand. In the Bible, the feet refer to ‘burning bronze perhaps because God has walked on the power of the cross that helped us to reach the other side. Concerning its meaning, this can be vast and may vary depending on the culture.

  • Quality:
    Bronze can indicate excellence and quality. ‘This may mean you are yearning for physical comfort.
  • Low Value:
    Bronze also pertains to low-value. Those with this type of personality are stingy.
  • Honesty:
    Bronze can be related to the earth. Therefore, it can symbolize the sincere feeling of the person.
  • Industrious:
    Bronze describes a tool meaning being hardworking and reliable.
  • Sensitivity:
    Bronze is warm and love. It will fill you with a sense of comfort.

How Bronze Can Affect Your Personality?

Bronze can affect a person in various ways, depending on their personal experience.

  • Friendly:
    Bronze can encourage people to become friendly. People close to you believe that you are loyal. They can also depend on you realistically and practically.
  • Sincere:
    People with bronze personalities are honest and authentic.
  • A sophisticated personality:
    If you love bronze, you probably have a complicated character. You are conscious when comparing this color with other shades. You are perhaps afraid that your genuine emotion can affect others; therefore, you try to suppress it. Suppressing helps you create a sanctuary free from any type of stress brought by the outside world. In this realm, you can think about the solution to your problem.
  • Reassurance:
    You are someone who hates attention and thinks that everything would be fine if you are in the background.
  • A naturally-occurring shade:
    Bronze can be a naturally-occurring shade. It is known for its soothing effect. Surround yourself with this color if you need to deal with stress.

Using Bronze on Business:

Designers and web developers are aware that color can influence the branding strategy of a business. Bronze can be related to something organic. It can also produce a feeling of stability. For those who have a skin clinic, incorporating this shade on the logo of your company may be beneficial.

However, some people may look at this color as boring and dull. Some people will choose this as an alternative to black. It can send a feeling of warmth to your customers. People who are running a café or coffee business can also experience a wide array of benefits that this color can deliver. Since it can also refer to honesty and reliability, real estate companies are also introducing this on their logo.

On customers:

Bronze reflects your personality. You should also think about how this color can influence your targeted audience. If you are thinking of using this on your business application, you need to understand the message that it is trying to convey carefully.

Bronze can relate to something practical and wholesome, but at the same time, some people will look at it as dull and predictable. By learning about the bronze color meaning, you will be able to understand how to incorporate this into the different aspects of your life. You can also keep yourself secure from the negative influence that it can deliver.

Related Questions:

What is the difference between brass and bronze?

Brass consists of copper and zinc. Bronze consists of copper and tin, but at times also with other metals.

Is bronze a neutral color?

As mentioned earlier, black, white, tan, gray, various shades of brown, beige, and sometimes copper and bronze fall into the category of neutral colors. Neutral colors divide into cool and warm colors.

What is oil rubbed bronze color?

Oil rubbed bronze finishes darken to simulate aged bronze. The finish can range from chocolate brown to gray/green and often includes copper tones with a light and dark appearance.


We have seen the importance of bronze as a color. I also learned that bronze can be a color as well as a metal alloy. We have seen its different uses both as a metal and as a color. The above information has made us appreciate the different aspects of bronze. The next time we come across it we should give it the respect it deserves.

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