What Colors Make Grey?

What Colors Make Grey?

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Grey is a trendy color. I prefer using a grey theme on my laptop. It is a bit serious and calm at the same time. I have been asking myself about the different shades of grey and how they form. Sometimes we might think that the color is grey when in fact it is not. Grey has different shades to it. Different colors can be mixed to make grey. How cool is that? I decided to do my findings to figure this out.

What colors make grey? Grey is created by mixing black and white in various proportions. You can add red to make a warmer grey and blue for a cooler grey. Grey can also be caused by mixing two complementary colors like blue and orange.

What Colors Make Grey?

Grey is a new color because it’s neutral; it doesn’t have color; it is very desaturated. Grey is a pretty cool color. A fresh complexion is a color that is lacking warmth. If it requires any yellow, it is a new color.

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The color will be in the cool color palette area. Grey is almost like black. However, grey is much lighter. Grey does not absorb all the rays of light. It reflects some light hence its lighter hue. Grey blends well with some other colors.

Grey is created by mixing black and white in various proportions. You can add red to make a warmer grey and blue for a cooler grey. Grey can also be caused by mixing two complementary colors like blue and orange.

In Computer Graphics:

Grey in computers and television sets is made using the RGB color model. By lowering the intensity of red, green and blue light, one can create shades of grey. I addition, grey is used in printing through the CMYK model. In this model, grey is made by combining black and white or blending equal proportions of cyan, magenta and yellow.

The warm grey color can be formed by yellow, red and orange. A cool grey, on the other hand, is made by mixing violet blue and green. However, for a neutral grey color, no color is added.

What does the color grey mean?

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The presence of grey color brings an aura of lack of emotions. Grey is neutral, detached, indecisive and impartial. Since grey is neither white nor black, it is a compromising color. However, when grey is closer to black, it gets more mysterious. On the other hand the closer it gets to white or silver it becomes more illuminating.

Since grey is emotionless and motionless, it brings up a sense of serenity and composure. The emotionless nature of grey makes it reserved and quiet. It cannot energize, excite, rejuvenate and stimulate.
Grey represents ash in Christianity. The biblical symbolic meaning is mourning with a repentant spirit during fasting and prayer during Lent. Grey means humility and modesty.

Cool and warm grey:

To make a color fresh, you should add blue. To make a color friendly, you should add yellow. When you add a little blue to a neutral grey, you get cool grey. When you add a bit of yellow to a dull grey, you get warm grey.

Greys are very important in painting because they help you get a more natural look when you know how to use them correctly especially In landscapes. Let us look at some of the few things we can make with grey.

Mixing paint to make grey:

Example 01:

The most obvious thing you can do with grey is mixing black and white. But this kind of grey is a little boring and dull. Therefore it is not probably the best way to do it. Therefore, a great way to make grey is perhaps to mix complements. I will show you two of my handy favorites.

The first set of colors that you can use to make grey his burnt sienna and ultramarine blue. The transparent oxide red is very dark orange and dull orange, and then the ultramarine blue is of course blue.

Orange and blue are complementaries, so they are going to cancel each other out and make a grey, but it’s not going to be the kind of grey that neutral and dull like the one made from black and white.

Mix the colors. Add a small amount of white into the mixture. Despite its neutral look, it has more depth and some richness to it than the one only made from black and white. The advantage of this mixture is that you can move the hue from a warmer tone to a more cooling shade.

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Adding a bit more of the red oxide gives you a warmer grey. Adding a bit of the ultramarine blue gives you a colder grey.

You can now see all the beautiful different variations. Therefore, this shows you that grey can be a versatile and brilliant color with all the subtle hues that you can accomplish with it.

Example 02:

Another example is phthalo green, and quinacridone rose which is also a complementary set of colors. The mixture has that neutralizing effect that makes it grey.

Again just like the other mixture you can push it to a warmer or cooler hue. A more relaxed tone is a greenish grey. It almost has an aqua undertone to it. You can get a warmer grey by adding some more quin rose to the mixture.

The resultant grey is violetish but toned down a bit. This tone is charming for landscapes of distant mountains when doing atmosphere perspective. When you make those tones too violet or too intense it sort of kills that naturalistic look.

You can note from those different colors how much variations you can get and how much more productive and more attractive it is in terms of the color than just mixing black and white.

Other methods:

Umber paint:

You can also buy fresh, warm umber paint. Most raw umber paints in the market are warm and are not expensive. When you mix the cool umber with a little white, it makes a very neutral tone. Therefore cooler umber and white can be used to create a gentler tone of grey.


Quinacridone violet can also be used in the mixture to make a neutral kind of violet range of tones. Therefore it is essential to note that there is a lot of versatility that you can get with greys by mixing complementary colors.

Violet and Yellow:

Another set of complementary colors is violet and yellow. The only thing with, violet and yellow are that the yellow is solid so in those mixtures, you will tend to get more of a greenish look to your greys so that will be very useful for landscapes and things like that. It is a great way to know how to mix all kinds of different tones that are very useful for getting these subtle shades of color that are not bright.

Related questions:

How do you spell the color grey?

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Some people wonder whether it is grey or gray. They are both correct. Gray is used in the United States while grey his used in the United Kingdom. However, proper nouns like the last name should be, Gray. Some words hare misspelled according to regional differences. American English seems to be phonetic.

What color walls with grey cabinets?

Gray cabinets in the kitchen describe an impressive dramatic display. Grey kitchen cabinets will look fashionable and stylish and gives the room a balanced look. Gray cabinets are paired with warm materials and color. In the kitchen, grey can pair with wood and bold accent colors such as orange-red or yellow. They bring out some bit of happiness.

What color shirt goes well with grey jeans?

Any color of shirt can go well with a grey pair of jeans. Since grey is a neutral color, it blends well with other colors. When the grey has undertones of blue, it is even much better. Looking for a bright colored shirt would be a good idea. A bright colored shirt will tone down the effect of vivid color. When looking for a shirt select emerald, ruby, burgundy, purple, plum or green.

How to color grey hair.?

Coloring your hair grey can be tedious but with the right touch tips, it can look top notch. Choose a permanent dye for long-lasting color. Choose the one that has little ammonia. Add some lowlights or highlights to contrast your grey hair.
For a more natural effect choose a color that has a lighter or darker shade than your original hair color. For example, the roots are translucent, therefore, need a darker shade to go with your original normal color.

What color do curtains go with a gray couch?

If you are looking for the right color that goes with the grey couch you should try ivory and white colors. For decorating a room, ivory or white curtains go great with grey. When matching your couches with the curtains make sure that they blend in with the wall too. It will blend with neutral wall colors.

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