Top 7 Free SEO Tools and Their Benefits

Top 7 Free SEO Tools and Their Benefits

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SEO is essential for businesses in today’s day and age, as it is the most significant source of free organic traffic. As you know, SEO is the driving force behind the Internet today as we know it, use it, and experience it. Most importantly, SEO Dubai can help businesses in getting more organic traffic, which can lead to increased conversions and sales.

Top 7 Free Seo Tools:

SEO is a broad discipline replete with tools, techniques, tips, and tricks, and for this piece, we will focus on the top 07 free SEO tools. Anyone can use these free tools for the furtherance of their business goals.

01. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is possibly one of the best and most popular SEO tools. The tool sits right at the top of our list of the top 7 free SEO tools. This immensely powerful tool displays comprehensive statistics as to how people are discovering, visiting, and using particular websites.

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It is extensively used by website owners to understand the preferences, habits, activity patterns, and attitudes of their visitors. The information which can be possible with the help of this tool is staggering and is inclusive of page views, bounce rate, site visits, and percentage of new appointments.

It is a catch-all tool which proves beneficial to almost every area of a marketing campaign. Since it allows users to compare metrics in different time frames, it helps marketers to determine whether their campaign is working or not. 

Further, the treasure trove of information that can possible with the help of this tool can help SEO campaigns in innumerable ways.

02. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is considered by many as the most excellent SEO tool ever made. There paid versions of this tool, but the free version is also beneficial as access is allowed to the top 100 backlinks of any URL that you want to research.

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Further, users can see the number of backlinks, referring domains, domain rating, and URL rating for any URL that they want to search. Since this tool has a lightning-fast interface, results can generate within seconds, and this tool also comes with the largest database of live links.

Since it is the second-largest web crawler after Google, it crawls the web continuously and brings forth information which can prove very beneficial for marketing campaigns. It helps in generating custom reports and conducting a lightning-fast and accurate analysis of keyword researches. This tool has been used by many marketers to improve their organic rankings, and it can do the same for you, if and when you use it.

03. Ubersuggest:

This completely free, keyword finding SEO tool allows users to see the essential keyword metrics. Since this tool automates the process of keyword research, it helps the users in saving a lot of time, and then the metrics help them decide which keywords to use.

One can easily find alternate keyword suggestions with the help of this tool along with search trends, search volume, and the probability to rank. This tool can come to the rescue of a digital marketing service provider who doesn’t want to spend hours to come up with keywords for his or her SEO campaign.

This tool can also be used by a digital marketing agency for small businesses to determine what keywords they should target with Google Ads in their PPC campaigns. It is a much more organized tool than other tools of a similar nature. It is used by many people around the world to determine if a keyword is worth targeting and just how good or not, are their chances of success.

04. RankScanner:

This tool can be used by a digital marketing service provider or anyone else to see how effective he or she is in reaching their target audience with specific keywords. This tool brings forth information that shows you how you are doing against your competitors. Gives you information to gauge areas where you are doing well. Areas where you aren’t doing well, and areas that can be improved.

This simple and user-friendly tool helps users to track and analyze a website’s SEO performance. It makes the user better equipped to reach target customers. This free tool is a must-have for all marketers and digital marketing agency for small businesses. The statistics displayed by this tool are easily understandable and helps websites to track their keyword rankings on Google.

05. GTMetrix:

This tool provides different scores on metrics like page speed, cache validation, and load time. It helps website owners in figuring out how fast or not their site is. The insights gotten from the tool can help people in improving their website’s user experience as well as their SEO efforts.

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This tool offers detailed reports about a site’s performance, especially relating to site speed. This tool analyzes a page’s speed performance. Then provides recommendations on how to fix the issues that may be prevalent on your page. This tool is essential because a slow website is a dealbreaker for many visitors. Such sites often have a very high bounce rate.

06. Frase:

It is an excellent SEO tool for content optimization. This tool facilitates a quick analysis of your content against the top 10 results. It helps users in finding out just what is missing in their content. It is straightforward to improve the content SEO score of a website. Also, the help of data-backed insights that one gets with the help of this tool.

Its incorporation with Google search console is another primary reason why digital marketers around the world prefer it. This tool helps users see which content is ranking for which terms. There is a paid and a free version of Frase, and in the free version, you can get ten documents optimized.

07. Page Speed Insights:

It is a tool created by Google, and it helps users in understanding the speed of a website. Not just rate, it also suggests users the different ways. In which they can go about improving the speed of the website.

It is straightforward to use, and all one needs to do is to plug a URL into the search bar simply. And one can get a full report of the URL’s page speed. The use of this tool highly recommended as it identifies a lot of opportunities.  You can use it to improve the speed of your page.

Additionally, diagnostics sections provide information relating to the page’s performance. You must use this tool because of page speed — one of the most important factors considered by Google while ranking a website.

The Bottom Line

All of these seven tools serve different purposes. And they all can individually or collectively help the SEO of your business in a lot of different ways. You must use the right tools and resources to get the best results out of your SEO efforts.

You can use these tools on your own or hire a digital marketing service provider for the same. If you have a small business and have hired a digital marketing agency for small businesses to run SEO campaigns for you, then there are high chances that such an agency might already be using some of the tools, as mentioned above.

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