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The 10 Best Quarantine Haircut Memes to Get Through Your Day

The 10 Best Quarantine Haircut Memes to Get Through Your Day
The 10 Best Quarantine Haircut Memes to Get Through Your Day

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The pandemic of the Coronavirus has spread in the whole world right now. This little, creepy virus that cannot see with a naked eye has forcefully locked down the entire world, and the people addicted to socializing have to seek social distancing. 

In such time, where everyone is in quarantine to save their lives from virus, people have got fed up of being idle and doing nothing. The routine of eating, sleeping, watching TV, doing house chores have become so dull that people started to think of doing new tryouts to pass their time.

The QUARANTINE HAIRCUT MEMES is one of the outcomes and results generated by the people in quarantine and doing experiments with their hair in their free time.

Quarantine Activities:

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People found to be involved in several activities nowadays in quarantine. 

Some came up with the idea of cooking. The people who had never entered their kitchen to drink a glass of water are supposed to become a ‘Master Chef,’ once this quarantine ends…!!

Some creative mind people are spending their time doing recycling and making DIY products as their “masterpieces.” After they get out of their quarantine, they would have something to show up to their social circle.

People have turned their bedroom into an office conference room, and some have turned it into a classroom by taking online classes.

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Health-conscious babes have shifted their yoga sessions and gym at home as they don’t want to look fat once this quarantine ends.

The beauty lovers and self-caring people are also trying to take care of their beautiful skin and hair at home. They are getting affected as the saloons and parlors shuttered down. They are trying natural products instead of cosmetics to enhance their beauty and make their skin glow naturally. 

Quarantine Haircut

Doing makeup and trying beauty tips at home looks reasonable and significant. It also seems to turn out with excellent results. But, the idea of taking care of your HAIRCUT during quarantine?? Sounds weird. 

How are you going to cut your hair, having a kitchen scissor in your unprofessional hands? Or how can you try a razor to shave someone’s head when you haven’t hold it ever in your life?

These experiments are obvious to turn out as a disaster, and actually, it happened.

Quarantine Haircut Memes

Many desperate people who tried to take a haircut at home have shared their hilarious pictures of how their haircut experience turned out to be, and these pictures have gone viral on the internet.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other social media sites are flooded with thousands of quarantine haircut memes today. Some of them are so funny that you cannot hold your laughter.

Let’s have a look at some of those memes and laugh and enjoy this quarantine together..!!

01. Dad and 3 Teenagers:

Dad and 3 Teenagers - Quarantine Haircut Memes
Dad and 3 Teenagers

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Family time is healthy. You enjoy it together and understand each other. But why put your hair and beard in the hands of your teenagers? Are these toys to play with?

Look at the results when a Dad let his three teenagers give him a hair and beard cut. They have dealt with their dad’s hair like grass in the backyard. The patches of hair on his head look like an abandoned backyard. He knows what his kids are doing to him. Still, he is smiling. This smile is priceless, indeed. 

02. The Sponge Bob Hair:

The Sponge Bob Hair - Quarantine Haircut Memes
The Sponge Bob Hair

Sponge Bob Square Pants is a cartoon series that released in 1999. For the last 21 years, none of the incidents of the world caused Sponge Bob to grow hair, but this quarantine did. Even Sponge Bob is getting ready to get a haircut as the quarantine is over. 

It can be a hope for the people worried about their hair not growing. Wait for this quarantine to get over. If Sponge Bob can grow its nose, then why can’t you?

03. Beautiful LONG HAIR:

Beautiful Long Hair - Quarantine Haircut Memes
Beautiful Long Hair

One of the significant sufferings for people seeking self or social distancing is that the saloons and parlors are also closed. People are anxiously waiting for the rooms and salons to reopen. Otherwise, they are soon going to look like this. All covered with beautiful long hair. Salons and parlors should reopen, or else we will see hair walking around, not humans. 

04. Dad vs. Son:

Dad vs. Son - Quarantine Haircut Memes
Dad vs. Son

Awwww, poor little guy. There is always a chance to have something ‘outstanding’ when dad spends an hour with his kids alone. 

The dad just trimmed the hair of his little boy and gave him a haircut that he is looking like a bit of man with hair on the edges of the head and bald from the middle. 

The boy looks hilarious, but still, he is smiling. “I STILL LOVE YOU, DADDY..!!”

05. Quarantine Hairstylist:

Quarantine Hairstylist - Quarantine Haircut Memes
Quarantine Hairstylist

People are trying different things at home, doing diversified experiments, and coming up with new and funny results, but what is this?

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Lady!! Didn’t you think even once how you are going to look after getting yourself this haircut?

That is why the hairstylists are strictly advising their customers not to play with their hair at home and wait for the saloons and parlors to reopen. 

Hairstylists are the professionals, and they know better what will happen when “a cobbler becomes a doctor.” The result will be the same.

06. Barbers are Shocked:

Barbers Are Shocked - Quarantine Haircut Memes
Barbers Are Shocked

Do you know why most of the people have shaved their heads in this quarantine? It is not that they have directly shaved their heads. They have been doing tryouts with their hair to have different haircuts. When they faced the worse results, they not left with a choice but to shave their heads with a razor. 

It is what when you try to do someone else’s job. The barbers are going to get shocked when the salons reopen. Most of their clients will not be visiting them because they will have NO HAIR.

07. The Book for Quarantine Activities:

The Book for Quarantine Activities - Quarantine Haircut Memes
The Book for Quarantine Activities

Where did you get this book?

This book must have been introduced right at the beginning of the quarantine so that the people would not have messed up with their hair. 

This book would have helped them to get involved in other activities so that they would have stayed away from making disasters with their haircuts. 

It would have helped them do some positive and healthy activities, rather than becoming barbers and hairdressers of their own. 

08. Where is my Quiff going?

Where is my Quiff going - Quarantine Haircut Memes
Where is my Quiff going?

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Isn’t a quiff supposed to go upwards? Why this boy’s Quiff is going downwards? Oh, it might need some downtime. But what about the rest of the hair?

Who has done this to you, little boy? It is no doubt a result of some quarantine experiment. The beautiful silky brown hair of the boy have brutally cut down. But, even this disaster could not take away the cute look of this adorable child.  His smile and bright, sparkling eyes are still there.

09. Quarantine Haircut Meme No. 9: The PowerPuff Friends, not Girls

Quarantine Haircut Meme No. 9 The PowerPuff Friends, not Girls
The PowerPuff Friends, not Girls

It is so far the best relatable quarantine haircut meme. 

Don’t you miss your friends? More than 60 days have passed, and you haven’t seen them. You haven’t hanged out together, and they are not even posting their pictures on Instagram or Snapchat. So you don’t know how they look nowadays. 

No worries. Let me show you how your friends might be looking these days.

As you know that the saloons and parlors are closed, so don’t blame your friends if they look horrible with their freaking haircuts. After all, they are your friends. They deserve some sympathy from you. 

And by the way, no need to laugh so hard when you meet your friends for the first time after quarantine.  You are also going to look the same, and they are also going to laugh back at you harder. 

10. Quarantine Haircut Meme No. 10: A Bored Hairdresser

A Bored Hairdresser
A Bored Hairdresser

We have been talking about people worried about their haircuts not been done and trying it on their own in quarantine. Aren’t we missing talking about the hairstylists and hairdressers? What a pity for them…!! They are also in quarantine, and they would also be feeling bored. What would they be doing in their boredom? 

Look at the poor cat who has just become a victim of a bored hairdresser. He or she might not be having any client for a long time and would have got bored. So, the hairdresser grabbed this poor cat and showed creativity on its hair at the back and tail what the cat might be thinking of us as humans.  May be as ‘unprofessional, ill-mannered creatures.’

It was just a collection of some Quarantine haircut memes to make you laugh and take you out of stress. It is indeed a tough time for everyone. We can pass this time easily by showing love and care to the ones we live with and being a little more patient and not to panic. This time will pass as every good and bad time passes away.

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