Most Important Fashion Style Moments Over The Last Century

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tIt can be associated with anything from clothes, shoes, piercings, and any other prevailing trend. It also includes the way the houses, buildings, and even your shops designed according to the general fashion sense.

Each era has its unique sense of fashion and style. There is a difference between fashion and style. Style is a unique way of someone or something, whereas fashion is trendy. The form remains the same through and through centuries, whereas fashion changes after a period of every few weeks, months, or years.

Fashion Worldwide:

Fashion and style are usually according to the place you live in. For example, Americans are known to wear denim jeans and flannel shirts. It is a widespread belief that in England, Suits promoted as the most worn style of clothes. Saudi men were wearing throbs, whereas women seen wearing a stylish burqa. Indian women are wearing saris, whereas Pakistani people are wearing shalwar kameez. All this is a part of their culture, and the dresses and clothes promoted according to the culture.

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The revolution of the future through the last century:

01. The 1910s:

It is said and captured or painted in the years between 1910-1919 in Westwest. People used to wear abundant wealth in the first half while the practical and somber choice of garments made in the second half of the decades.

Women wearing long skirts and dresses, which ended just above the ankle, these were narrower at the ankle and wider at the waist, precisely like the pencil skirts we see in today’s time. Women also had short hair that ended just below the ear and jawline. More full hats are wearing with gloves covering till the elbow.

Men are wearing trousers with folded cuffs around the ankle with shirts with a frill at the collar and overcoats. The hats again worn were full and gentlemanly.

02. The 1920s:

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The era of 1920-1929 was a little lighter and more comfortable to breathe for both men and women. The cloth used in the making of the fashion of this decade was lighter like silk and linen. The leather jackets made were from the skin of the raccoon.

Men are wearing well-tailored suits with dinner shirts of silk cloth. Pinstripes suspenders, too, were being used.
As for women, in shorter and lighter clothes, silk was the most used material. The clothes now ended at or around the knees instead of ankles. The sleeves became shorter too.

03. The 1930s:

Stars like Clark, Gabe, Jean, and Shirley influenced the fashion industry. In the years before 1930, only dramas and plays observed Hollywood and filmmaking was not much of a success, but then thoughts were provoked, and fashion prevailed.

Boys and men are wearing short shorts alongside long stockings or socks, whereas girls and women are wearing dresses again. Fur and floral designs and patterns were in fashion; thus, more and more dresses were made from floral patterned clothes or had coated in them.

04. The 1940s:

The most popular colors in the 1940s were brown, beige, blue, green (all kinds), pink, white, and golden yellows.

Pants and Leather Jackets, as usual, prevailed for the men. The 1940s were the era of high waisted whatever, meaning pants, skirts, everything was high waisted. Teens are wearing high waisted pants, whereas men were wearing loose pants and full shouldered coats. The women in the 1940s wore high waited skirts and the dresses were A lined and ended around the knees. Both women and men had short hair, mostly closer to the scalp fixed with gel or whatever was available in the era.

05. The 1950s:

As the era of the 1950s was after world war two era, new and unique ways used to make new fabrics, and then they would undergo the procedure so that they are wearable. Dior launched its first sheath dress for women. The suit was long till the ankles and narrow, and it also had bodice.

Coats with colorful contrasts and textured materials were made these coats termed as sport coats for men. These worn with smooth pants. The rule was to wear either equipment of soft texture, may it be your coat or your pants.

06. The 1960s:

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The ultimate era of Polka dots. We are still trying hard to bring Polka dots. It is a personal favorite era, as it brought chains, necklaces, lockets, and earrings in the fold of fashion too.  This era was insanely obsessed with polka dots and puffs sleeves. Regardless of gender, you would get to see people wearing polka dots.

Men wore shirts with polka dots on it, and women wore dresses and skirts having polka dots.

07. The 1970s:

In the 1970s, some popular elements of the 1960s further improved. People preferred wearing polyester clothing. Both men and women wore bright colors and tight dresses.

Flare fashion faded away, and pants, leisure, and tracksuits replaced them. V-neck shirts, high cut boots, low cut pants, Tunics, culottes, and robes also gained popularity during this era. However, by the end of the decade, people switched from bright colors to earthy tones.

08. The 1980s:

The fashion trend of the 1980s was very similar to that of the late 1970s. Earthy tones were still in fashion. However, conventional styling abandoned, and creativity became the new cool. Velour and velvet material replaced polyester.

Men and women preferred blocky shapes and little higher waistlines. Loud makeup and bright accessories became popular among the youth. Leggings, parachute pants, turtleneck sweaters as well as cozy sweaters became the fashion statement in the late 1980s.

09. The 1990s:

The fashion industry drastically changed in the 1990s. Clothing became a lot classier. Black leggings, t-shirts, sweatpants, skirts, denim clothing, became trendy.
Homemade jeweler, long straight hair were admired by the teens. Solid color clothing also gained popularity. Teen boys loved wearing baggy jeans.

10. The 2000s:

The year 2000 was a complete change of the century. This change of century brought a complete change of behavior, demeanor, and of course, change of fashion.

Girls then had switched entirely from dresses to Jean and tops. Thongs and short shirts were more in fashion, long denim with strappy shirts, like thin strap, spaghetti strap was in fashion. It also when sundresses become more common.

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In the 2000s, even the wrestling became acknowledged, and women in the wrestling wore the elitist of clothes bought from WWE Shop.

Men and boys switched to colorful pants, baggy shirts, chains in the neck, with several bands on wrists.

11. The 2010s:

The decades have gone by now, and this is the time of newer and more advanced fashion. So much has changed because of the evolution of machines. We have now made clothes out of polyethylene, leather made from synthetic, silk is no more only available from insects, fake furs are available in the market.

It is how fashion today is so much different yet similar to the grand old style. Long dresses, short frocks, polka dots, sundress, ball gowns, and cocktail dresses; everything is in fashion. We even used foils and plastics to make dresses in the 2010s.

12. The 2020s:

It is the start of the decade, and we have more hopes from the fashion industry. We realize that animal cruelty is a crime, so we are trying to come up with leather jackets that are as sturdy as the ones from original leather but not made from the skin of animals. In 2020, we are moving forward in the direction of organic fashion. It means we have decided, and we are trying to prevail style that does not destroy the world’s climate in any way.

We still have cocktail dresses, ball gowns, and so on different occasions. Still, the girls are more comfortable wearing high waited jeans and tank tops, or boy shorts with spaghetti straps. In contrast, men are trying hard to revive the old fashion of long coats and cool leather jackets with cute hats that were also totally gentlemanly.

The hope is to succeed in all the things we have promised to ourselves this new decade.


It was a short preview, or you may as well consider highlights of fashion throughout the last century and some. Mind you. It is only the fashion prevailing in the western world, and other countries have had different fashion statements.

The Eastern world is entirely different from the WestWest. Eastern people have different values and cultural norms; thus, they have a different sense of fashion reigning in. As the Western world’s style has discussed here, a whole separate article should only be based upon Asia, and it’s different cultures.

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Our world is filled with beauty; there are beautiful people around us everywhere, despite all the differences we should always respect every culture. And tradition and should also give them the limelight so they can bring forward their culture, tradition, and fashion. The Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket industry needs to be unanimous to bring more and more stylish styles that are long-lasting and will rule more than just a decade or two.

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