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How to Become a Cabin Crew Member

How to Become a Cabin Crew Member
How to Become a Cabin Crew Member

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Cabin crew members also addressed as flight attendants, stewards, and air hostesses. In India, a rigorous cabin crew training program undertaken before being eligible to sit for the written exam. O successful completion of all the theoretical and practical training modules, you will get your license of a cabin crew member.

Basic Requirement:

Airline companies have different necessities for their cabin crew members. Nonetheless, the basic requirements remain the same. They comprise of:

  • Manners and etiquette- While attending interviews with operators, you will have to display the basic courteousness. A prerequisite for being a successful and efficient flight attendant would be your ability to demonstrate an understanding of customer service, and this will be your advantage.
  • No criminal record- Many countries will not permit your entry into their territory if you have a criminal record. 
  •  Savvy in English- As English is an internationally recognised language, you have to be savvy in English. Multilingual crew members are also frequently in demand. 
  • Minimum age is always 18 years.
  • Most of the airline operators need a minimum education o Grade 12 certificate.
  •  Height should be proportionate with height. You should be in good physical shape as the long hours may take its toil and you require necessary strength to conduct specific duties, like opening aircraft doors etc.
  • The height necessities of airlines vary according to the aircraft that will operate — height necessities based on being able to access all the vital emergency types of equipment on the plane. 
  • Medically fit- A medical certificate conducted by an Aviation Medical examiner is necessary before applying for the license of a cabin crew member. These medical checks comprise of ears, eyes, lungs, heart etc.

Dream of thousands of young people:

Becoming a cabin crew is the dream of thousands of young people all over the world. It is an incredible job that allows you to travel and get paid simultaneously. If you bask being in the aircraft, taking good care of the passengers and flying to foreign countries, then the career of cabin crew is the ideal choice for you.

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The cabin crews are in the aircraft for safety reasons. Managing the passengers and making sure they are entirely convenient is their extra responsibility. The teams trained to manage critical situations like emergency landing on water or land. They can also manage medical conditions in flight, like handling a child’s birth and heart attack.

Best Recommendations:

The following are the recommendations on your path to becoming a cabin crew. They are:

01. Make a good resume

A good resume can determine whether you will get the call for the interview. Prepare a good resume first; you might require a professional to write for you. The vital points of your resume may comprise of the relevant work experience you had, and also foreign language, and knowledge of first aid. You should also emphasise the fact that you are ready to relocate. When you had identified the airline providing the job vacancy, go through and change the resume according to the requirements of the airline.

After completing the above requirements, then you can start looking for jobs. You may go through the airline websites and the major newspapers. You might like to make a list of your favourite airlines. Most of the airlines will need the crews to located at their operating base.

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When the airline invites you for an interview, you should prepare well. It is your chance to impress them. Wear a decent dress. Please don’t wear other jewellery. Be sure to display confidence and professionalism, and answer all their questions as honestly as you can.

02. Learn about the responsibilities

There are two reasons behind this. First of all, you should be very sure that you want the job. Secondly, it will help you prepare for the interview.

The duties of the flight attendants comprise of: 

  • Carrying out the necessary in-flight sales.
  • Help all passengers, specifically kids and physically impaired people to their seats.
  • Display safety procedures and evacuation
  • Offer first aid
  • Answer the queries of the passenger as nicely as possible
  • Be sure that passengers are convenient, by serving beverages and food. 
  • Manage emergencies to make sure that passengers are safe. 

03. Check the necessities of the job

Although airlines may have different requirements, the essentials can be associated with the following, nonetheless please check with the airline. 

  • Physical necessities- There is a minimum height necessary. It is because the emergency types of equipment located in the upper compartments; hence the crew should be able to reach them.
  • The language and education requirements are stipulated. English is generally a requirement for an international airline. 
  • Citizenship: It is usual for an airline to hire the citizens of the country. Nonetheless, there are some airlines, such as airlines in the Middle East that hires foreign crews. It is mainly due to the cultural barriers that dissuade the women from looking for a job, individually as a cabin crew.   

About the Interview procedure and selection:

The interview will be the entry gate of your career. There are various suggestions and tips regarding how to prepare for the interview. The interview and selection procedure of the company generally conducted in multiple stages. Here is an instance:

  • Personal Interviews- Asian airlines are quite critical about choosing the right people for the job of the cabin crew. It is because these airlines consider the cabin crew as a promotional tool to entice customers.
  • Walk-in-Interview- This is the very first interview to confirm your resume and check for the necessities. The airline will check your qualification, weight and height and your physical attributes. 
  • The application- The organisation will review your resume and application. It is the time to reject the apparent non-qualified person based on the documents. Hence, it is quite vital to prepare an excellent resume to check that all the necessary information included. A person can get disqualified due to t technical reasons, like forgetting to sign the application. 

These are the most vital requirements that will be covered by any cabin crew training institute. Aviation training considered to be the perfect training platform for professionals in the aviation industry and associated fields. 

Along with this, the trainers during our cabin crew course in Kolkata have years of experience in the aviation industry. This ample experience is available to our students who provided only the best standards of training at our amenity — students trained by our professional trainers associated with this industry for years.


Being a cabin crew is not a simple chore. It may be a challenge both for your personal life and career. You will be responsible for the lives of the people thousands of feet up in the air.

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Remember these vital considerations as you prepare yourself for a fulfilling career by getting cabin crew training in Kolkata. You will surely become a dependable and reliable attendant. 

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