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2020 Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses
Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

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As a small business owner, you understand the critical need to fine-tune your digital marketing strategy continually.

As part of a continuous improvement effort, it is essential to take a look at the latest digital trends.

Advancements in digital marketing can provide a competitive advantage and grow your business as the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region continues to thrive in 2020. 

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A look at the trends that can have an impact on your business is the first essential step in reviewing your overall digital marketing strategy.

Review this handful of significant digital trends and then plan to sit down with one of the many top digital marketing agencies in the Cincinnati area.

These agencies can help you with a full assessment of your current digital solution and identify all and any ways to improve your marketing ROI.

Complete an informal assessment of your current digital marketing capability while reviewing these 2020 trends. From your view, as a small business owner, take an objective look at the various digital channels and your business website.

What is working well in terms of key performance measures?

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Make sure to have good insight into your digital marketing ROI as you consider incorporating any trending technology into your strategy.

Today Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing are 2 of the main arsenals of digital marketing that just about everyone in the digital marketing world is making use of. It means most of your competitors are already engaging with clients on these and other similar platforms. 

Marketing your business and its products/services online does not have to be an expensive affair. Do not let the thought of digital marketing hold you back from going ahead and trying it. 

As with all trends, it may be too early in the life cycle for your customers, but it is never too early to look at what is coming.

Here are some of 2020 trends that may impact your Cincinnati based small business:

01. Voice Search

It refers to the many devices available today that can respond to a person’s voice and order products or services. These devices are using some form of machine learning to anticipate needs and recognize specific keywords. It could mean a shift to shorten or simplify the names of some of your products.

02. Social Media 

Expect continued growth in Social Media sourced purchasing to include Facebook, Twitter, and others. A specific sub-trend within social media marketing is a post with photos. As an example, a photo with a picture of a mountain bike that includes embedded information on the seller and the price. It is a trend that has been growing in recent years, and your business should make every effort to expand social media channels.

03. Personalization

It is another continuing trend and means you should avoid sending the same generic email advertising to all current and prospective customers. Every attempt should be made to tailor messaging to specific groups of customers.

04. Video

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Incorporating video advertising into emails and websites is another trend that increases year over year. It can be beneficial for demonstrating certain products, but it depends on your business.

05. Page Speed

The time it takes to load different pages on your business website can lead to higher bounce rates. As technology becomes faster, better, cheaper, the time people are willing to wait for a page to refresh is diminishing. It is an essential concern for small businesses with a low IT budget.

Summary – Work with the Pros

It is essential to be aware of these digital trends as you evaluate your current digital solutions.

However, integrating new technology is a challenge that requires the in-depth domain knowledge the digital marketing agency Cincinnati has to offer.

These agencies can help you with a full assessment of how these and other growing trends can improve your digital marketing efforts. And provide the necessary implementation steps to improve your marketing ROI.

To sum things up, digital marketing has become an essential part of growing business online.

Reaching out to potential customers or being found by potential customers. Or being on platforms where potential customers are looking for similar products/services are. What should be the aim of any digital marketing campaign?

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