12 Important Ecommerce Website Mistakes to Avoid

12 Important Ecommerce Website Mistakes to Avoid

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A business execution involves a full of obvious hurdles and difficulties, and it would test your patience. Many accessible and customizable eCommerce platforms are available today. Many things are likely to go wrong when you build, launch, and manage an online business. Mistakes in the online store would place your business back. You can avoid the common mistakes that come across an online store faced by entrepreneurs. Digital Marketing Services in Gurgaon helps you to analyze your online store and make your e-commerce website to be free from mistakes.

12 Important Ecommerce Website Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some Ecommerce Website Mistakes that are likely to be ignored and ways to fix it.

01. Avoiding Math Calculation:

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One of the main aspects of a business is to manage money. It would be tough for people who are not Math savvy. Before you set to build your business, make sure that it is revenue potential. If you don’t plan your finance properly, you will end up placing all your money into a business venture that does not provide any hope to be profitable. Hence, set up a strategy to manage your finance. If required, keep an experienced professional to take care of your finances and ways to handle it safely. Monitor the cash flow keenly to avoid major losses in your business.

02. Not Aware Of Your Niche:

Before you sell your product to the market, you should be aware of whom you are selling to. Conduct in-depth niche research, and it is critical for your business success. Most of the online merchants fail to investigate it and end up selling many product types to many types of customers. Your business should focus on a specific niche so that it would target the right customer type. When you are aware of your niche, you can always target content, design, and many elements related to business, keeping them in mind.

03. Get Ahead Of Yourself:

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When you have a business idea, you look out to place it in action. A single-person alone could not do it, and it is more important to get ahead of yourself. Before you invest in your inventory, you should thoroughly investigate whether your product would stand in the market. Get into the market places for data to find out whether it is feasible to go ahead with the product.

04. Not Invested In Content Marketing:

In case you lookout for more traffic to your online store, you should focus on creating excellent content. There is a say content marketing is not only about developing content that customers should read, but it is also about your customer requirement and their interest. Have a content marketing strategy in place so that you could connect with customers and build their trust.

05. Lack Of Shipping Choices:

Every shipping has charges associated with it and has its advantages. Your business may not require all the transport services, and it is always better to provide customers with many options for shipping and to have them select one that would favor them. Some customers would prefer affordable rates while others might think their product to be delivered in a day or two. So, all kinds of shipping options should be listed in your online store.

06. Absence Of Social Presence:

Your brand should be accessible across many platforms, even social media. Actively being seen in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and similar ones that are relevant to your market would help you to connect with customers and promote engagement. When you share great content with your audience, parallelly, you will improve on your marketing efforts. it would permit the customer to find your content engaging and likely to pass it to their known people.

07. Losing Focus:

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Easily you can get caught in small details that make you lose focus on important features of your business. There is a large amount of work to set up, launch, and manage an online store. The various activities should be monitored round the clock. Have a to-do list and prioritize your task. it would help you to complete the most important task and get the products to your customer’s hands.

08. Disorderly Look Of The Website:

Sometimes, business owners would prefer many elements on the home page at the same time. It would be too stuffy, and the visitor might get confused with the things presented. Visitors might feel puzzled and might end up exiting the page. Hence, it is important to have enough white space in your web designs so that each of the elements is clear from each other and has enough room for many other important things. Do not use too much text, instead make use of pictures to show what you are selling.

09. Images That Are Small And Unprofessional:

Small pictures are a major reason for the exit. Images convey many things more than content. Place your images relevant to your content. You should have a portion that displays clear, big, and professional photos of the various products you offer. When the images are clear, it gives a clear picture of the product. its section can be either in the form of a slide show or can be a static image.

10. Absence Of Policy Features:

Get to know what most of the common shoppers frequently have in mind and complain about. Most of them are concerned with the payment methods, return and exchange policy, and shipping amount. Maintain clear tabs for these to enable visitors to get an idea of each of the features. You can maintain the following tabs:

    • Shipping Policy that mentions the free shipping or shipping rates, etc
    • Return Policy that mentions return policy etc.

11. No Contact Details:

When visitors enter your online store, they might be eager to place orders when they are likely to see some products that interest them. They might be eager to know many things. If you forget to use contact details, it would be tough for the visitor to connect with you. Ensure that you place ‘Contact Us’ in a place where it could be visible. Hence, you should be sure that you place the ‘Contact Us’ on the home where it is easily seen to the visitor. It is also wise to have ‘Order Now’ sign that would lead the interested buyers to a page that has product categories with related pictures and content. In case you have few products on sale, you should not break them up in categories but display all of them on the page. it would serve as your call to action.

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12. Confusing Categories – One of the greatest eCommerce website mistakes that many business owners commit is to have uncertain or confusing categories. it would make visitors unclear about the category and make their searching tough. Identify the product categories and classify each product into their respective product categories. If required, you can even place subcategories as well to make the searching easier. For example, categories and subcategories could be:

    • Apparel – Men, Women, Kids – Inside the subcategories, there could be more categories
    • Electronics – Television, Refrigerator, Mobile, etc.

it way, it would easy for visitors to shop through when they are specific and certain about their product.


If you want to excel in your online store, learn from the mistakes of others before you learn from yours. The above points list a few of the common mistakes of any Ecommerce Websites so that you can avoid making these mistakes.

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